Articulight Launches the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49, High Output High Performance Projector

Articulight is launching the SPECTACOLOUR PRO, a high output and high performance fixture. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 is an LED color changing projector suitable both for indoor and outdoor applications. It uses as its light source 49 high-power 1W and 3W LEDs. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 creates an evenly diffused light beam, ideal for illuminating large areas and able to be controlled precisely in all its main characteristics: luminous intensity, RGB color mixing, color temperature. The extremely compact lines and IP65 rating make the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 ideal for installation in a wide range of applications, including structures, facades, urban sites, monuments, buildings, museums, art galleries, libraries and shopping malls. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 is also the ideal means for dynamically coloring backdrops in contexts such as theater, television and photography studios. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 has a range of interchangeable lenses ranging from 10 degrees to 60 degrees , offering various projection angles and allowing SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 fixtures to be used at different distances from the objects to be illuminated.

Mechanical features

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 has unusual, particularly stylish lines that enable it to discreetly fit into the surroundings and harmonically adapt to the architectural elements and settings to be lit. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 is preset for various types of installations:
* Floor or wall-mounted by means of four holes on its base, using M6 screws.
* Flown from trussing - even upside down - (by fitting a clamp to the two Fast-Lock holes on its base).
* Floor-standing (on flat surfaces), maintaining utmost stability with any head angle.

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 has extremely compact dimensions and lightweight The head can be inclined vertically or horizontally, in order to best adapt to the areas and architectural elements to be illuminated.

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 is totally silent, because it does not use any type of forced ventilation. The fixture is convection-cooled by means of its rear finning, and an electronic self-regulating internal temperature system ensures continuous operation even in extreme conditions.


All SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 functions can be controlled via USITT Standard DMX 512 serial digital signal or RS 232 serial signal. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 transmits and receives on eight DMX channels.

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 can be completely programmed and operated without the use of any external controller. In stand-alone mode, i.e. using just SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49's on-board microcomputer, it's possible to form systems consisting in a maximum of 30 fixtures (1 MASTER and 29 SLAVES), which can be programmed independently. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 can also be controlled via computer, or using a third party DMX control system. In this case, it's possible to connect dozens of fixtures and control them simultaneously via DMX.

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 has a menu with a large number of functions, which enable users to:
* configure fixtures according to requirements
* program them
* test their components
* receive information on their operation.
The menu is accessed by means of a user-friendly interface with a 10-digit display. The on-board software can be upgraded via DMX.

The on-board menu offers an extremely interesting function for architectural and decorative illumination applications: the possibility to run the completely automatic playback of a series of 48 events, previously programmed on the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49 and organized to be run over a period of a week. Each event can include different settings of luminous intensity and color mixing, shutter effects (strobe, pulse, random strobe), macro (rainbow, random color), etc. The order, the precise instant in which they begin and duration of each event can be precisely programmed for 7 days directly on the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 49. The result is truly flexible illumination, able to create different atmospheres that change through time - extremely gradually or instantly - according to programmers' creativity.For more detailed info: SPECTACOLOUR_PRO. Another product in this high output high performance category is the SPECTACOLUR PRO 90 SPECTACOLOUR_PC90.
June 02, 2020 — G8A Development