Articulight Introduces the LINOCOLOR Range, An LED Alternative to Neon Lighting

Articulight, Inc. has added a new line to their popular aptly named LINOCOLOR lighting system. LINOCOLOR offers - flexibility, durability, LED-based energy efficiency and color. LINOCOLOR contains color specific dyes that enhance color brightness in daylight hours as well. LINOCOLOR are available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange and 3 versions of white: warm, pure (standard) and cold.

The range includes LINOCOLOR, LINOCOLOR ULTRA THIN (thinner version for specific applications where space and look are important) and LINOCOLOR RGB ( and LINOCOLOR CRYSTAL (same as LINOCOLOR but with clear jacket for more brightness), LINOCOLOR CRYSTAL RGB.  It's available in Standard version (most popular) and also in ULTRA HP (30% higher output and brighter than Standard version) for application where increased brightness is important, and in Economy version (20% less output than Standard but with 25% savings) where cost effectiveness is required.

Articulight's LINOCOLR lighting systems have rapidly been gaining popularity among designers, architects, specifiers and engineers as well as facilities managers and end users who like the look of neon, but want a more energy efficient and versatile alternative. LINOCOLOR has the same appearance as traditional neon lighting, but requires less energy, is more flexible and durable, and can be used in many applications where neon is not appropriate.

LINOCOLOR is a system of durable UV protected strings lined with LED lamps and color-specific dyes for illumination. The system is flexible enough to bend up to 180 degrees, offering a user-friendly alternative to delicate, glass-based neon bulbs. LINOCOLOR contains no harmful gases, making it safe to handle, and can be custom cut and shaped on-site, without the need for specially trained personnel.

The new LED-ColorFLEX lighting system looks exactly like traditional neon, and provides brilliant color day or night. In addition to reducing energy and maintenance costs, LINOCOLOR is completely sealed and impervious to shock or vibration, making it suitable for outdoor use, for areas subject to vibration, and even wet applications.

The LED lamps used for illumination in LINOCOLOR require as little as 1.92 watts of energy per foot, making them 10% to 50% more energy efficient than traditional lighting, including neon. This reduction in energy consumption makes LINOCOLOR a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to neon lighting in many applications.

LINOCOLOR is also more stable than neon. While neon, incandescent and fluorescent lighting sources rely on a combination of filaments and/or gases, which fail after a limited number of hours, LINOCOLOR uses a semi-conducting material that converts electricity directly into light, which is then enhanced by the color-specific dyes.

The LED technology allows LINOCOLOR to last up to 100,000 hours, which translates into more than 10 years if run continuously. This drastically reduces maintenance time and cost.

Thanks to special anti-UV treatment, the LINOCOLOR can withstand extreme temperatures especially where the sun is brutal and will not become brittle over time.

LINOCOLOR will save all users on maintenance costs when compared to neon, But these savings become more significant in settings like casinos that have constant traffic, or the exterior of high-rises or bridges, where routine maintenance requires extraordinary -- and expensive -- safety precautions be taken.

LINOCOLOR gives off minimal levels of heat and can be used in areas that may come in contact with people, products or decorative materials. Appropriate for both interior and exterior applications, the LINOCOLOR lighting system is ideal for architectural borders on high-rise buildings, casinos, signage, step and path lighting, bridges, cruise ships, amusement park rides, hotels, cove lighting, retail stores, display cases and shelves, freezers and refrigerators, just to name a few.

The range:





June 02, 2020 — G8A Development